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DarkNetServices: New Vendor Shops Hosting

This is in no way a vouch for this service reliability or security, just a news update about its existence. 

A new hosting services for DNM’s and vendor shop that just opened – seems to be running the most loved wordpress Woocommerce platform and hoping they will remove those calls to Google and host them locally!  (You know what i am talking about, do that.)

DarkNetServices Url: http://darknet4x3hcv5zp.onion.top
Demo Shop: http://nunammmwz4ugskma.onion.top

This is the general info provided on their site about this service:

We are a dedicated team of individuals that believe in privacy and security. Our team of highly trained webmasters and system admins are here to deliver exceptional service to everyone. Be also believe in the freedom of people to buy and sell any goods that are not involved in the harm of others. If you are willing to abide by our terms of service then we are happy to add you to our list of satisfied clients.

Our team is devoted to maintaining steady and secure services to our customers. We stay current on all security concerns relating to Tor and keeping your hidden service protected from any government agencies. We will provide all of our customers with the highest level of customer service and are more than willing to help point you in the correct direction to make your hidden service everything you need it to be.

for many people and businesses this can be a very important question. Most of the time you are looking for the service provider that stands out among the rest. Below I have outlines some areas that make Dark Net Services the place you would like to bring your business.

  • Dedication to privacy and security.
  • High level of customer focus.
  • Advanced knowledge of networking and Tor.
  • Services do not share resources.
  • We don’t use only one server or server company.
  • Knowledge and ability to make your site everything you need it to be.
  • TRUST – We want to earn your money by providing a great service to you.

We have secured servers all around the world and with many different companies. Even though we have taken all measures to ensure our servers will never bleed out their true ip address, we also randomly use secure vpn servers (set up by us) to create an encrypted connection and through them re route all incoming and outgoing traffic. This will limit the risk of site seizures and prevent authorities from being able to use vectoring as a method of  locating your hidden site.

We are here to do the things we love to do for the people that need it the most. In our terms of service we have outlined the things we find to be unexceptionable. We believe that everyone else should enjoy the same services as other vendors and businesses do on the clear net.

Thank You


And i must admit that their TOS was pretty funny:


We will be following and updating if needed. For now its listed in our list – at the “new marketplaces” section


  1. It’s nice knowing how to use a /etc/hosts and not having the pain in the ass of trying to remove all of the calls from the code base. ;) ;) We were already thinking the same thing as a redirect. After some time goes by we would like to work with any other developers in making a completely tor friendly version of WordPress and forever remove ajax and java. It’s nice but we don’t need it.

    • DeepDotWeb

      >> After some time goes by we would like to work with any other developers in making a completely tor friendly version of WordPress and forever remove ajax and java

      Amen to that! What kind of escrow do you have BTW ?

  2. No escrow.

    We do not believe in it. You need to do your homework and find out who you are dealing with before you hand over any money.

    The system uses public keys to generate payment address for the customers. The actual wallet that receives the coins never has to come online.

    • So The payment goes directly to the vendor or goes trough in an online wallet on the site?

      Do you earn from commission or from hosting retainer? (its not clear how it works on your site)

  3. For the first part of your question Yes and no.

    The payment goes directly to the vendor but there’s no need for an online wallet. The vendors site will generate an address based off the public key of the vendors offline “paper” wallet. once the address has been given to the customer, the vendors site will then monitor the blockchain for a transaction going to that address with the correct amount. Once it has however many conformations the vendor put in the options. The site will move the order from on hold to awaiting processing. If the vendor would like to they can verify payment by opening up their wallet and connection or browsing the blockchain on one of the may available online.

    The site can be sett up for anonymous checkout and as long as the customer remembered whatever they put in for an email address and their order number they will be able to track it’s process. Through the vendors system.

    • DeepDotWeb

      I see, if i understood correctly than that’s nice – i mean, no chance of scam on the site side since its only monitoring the blockchains, not holding any funds.

      And that means i guess that you charge a fixed fee for hosting the store, not a commission from the transaction.

  4. For the second part of your question.

    We are a here to provide a hosting service and request nothing more than a monthly retainer set at a “GREAT” price. We didn’t think it necessary to put a flashing sign “NO COMMISSION”. We want to take Dark Net vending away from centralized online huge “Take Me Down” targeted marketplaces and provide the vendors a great service for them to reach out to their customers and provide a better service to them.

    All our customer has to do is make a purchase. We will contact them through e-mail with a final set of questions needed for setup. Once the site is up the customer will be given the password and told to change it. In fact go get a yubikey and lock the door. We have the sites ready to be used with them.

  5. Hey Darknet Service Guys,

    i want to create my own onion shop because of all this
    scams like the last on Evolution where i lost a lot of
    Money. Please get in contact with me:

    [email protected]

  6. Looks like Evolution took off with a lot of vendors and customers coins.

    Not the first time and will not be the last.
    Agora down almost 75% of the time now.
    People will tart to use these unknown marketplaces and how many millions of $$$$’s need to be there before the administrators decide to take it.

    I have added another 15 vendors to our service line up and ready to add more.

    direct to vendor payout is the best way to go. After many of the vendors are now requiring FE to ship orders, it just doesn’t make since to pay marketplaces the % of your sales if your customers doesn’t get the protection you are paying for.

    95% up time and still running strong.

  7. Took my money and never provided any website for me. Fuckers.

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