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Coburg Man Arrested for Creating and Selling Fake IDs on the Darknet

The month of October presented a significant number of deepweb-linked fraud and counterfeiting cases. Following the trend of the month, another individual was arrested in Coburg, Germany for producing and selling fake IDs on the darknet.

So far, this month, we have written about the following cases: Two German citizens, a 22-year-old and a 24-year-old, were sentenced on October 12 for selling counterfeit euros on the darknet. On October 21, a 29-year-old and a 38-year-old were sentenced for spending $21,000 on credit cards from the DNMs. And again on October 25, two men were arrested for buying credit cards and using them to run a ticket fraud scheme.

The prosecutor’s office in Coburg, Germany just announced the arrest of a so-called internet fraudster. The fraudster, police announced, was a 30-year-old male who had been under suspicion as early as mid-September.


Suspicion was built after numerous cases of fraud involving hacked accounts were reported to police. Cybercrime specialists were brought in to work alongside local police following. Postal workers noted the man made constant trips to postal stations where he would both pick up and drop off packages.

Local police, with assistance from the cybercrime taskforce, conducted several days of intensive surveillance. Police confirmed the statements previously made by postal workers; the 30-year-old suspect made frequent trips to packing stations and parcel shops in the Coburg area. A warrant was then requested and subsequently granted.

The suspect was arrested outside his home where he was preparing to drop off another package. Multiple packages were already in the vehicle and, according to police, contained both fraudulent documents and narcotics. Court documents later revealed the vehicle contained physical goods in original packaging that had been obtained with stolen credit cards.

Police then searched the suspect’s house where an entire counterfeiting workshop was discovered. Completed fake IDs, holograms, stamps, stolen bank accounts, PayPal accounts, hacked account lists, and various narcotics were also found.

Cybercrime investigators analyzed the suspect’s electronics and determined that he both bought and sold on the DNMs. He bought the elements required for creating false identity documents: holograms, stamps, and special paper. He similarly bought the bank accounts and PayPal accounts in bulk. After successfully creating the fake IDs, the suspect resold them on darknet markets and forums throughout Germany.

The drugs, police announced, were for the suspect’s personal use. So far, the investigators determined the 30-year-old caused roughly $17,000 worth of damage. Police reported the investigation was far from complete and a more thorough investigation is needed.

The suspect is currently sitting in custody until the investigation is completed.

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